Wisco-620 Commercial Convection Oven – Our Review

If you have a medium-to-high budget, and you want to get a commercial convection oven, then this could very well be the one for you.

The Wisco-620’s simple design comes in stainless steel, and is capable of holding more product than that of a regular household convection oven. This unit has a very large glass window so that you can check on your baking as you need. Easy-to-use dials are located on this device so that you can change settings in order to match your baking needs.

The unit is a good size for a commercial unit, but isn’t so big that you are going to have a tough time putting it on your counter top. The unit measures 19” by 18” by 14.25”. This unit allows you to fit three baking trays inside so that you can cook as many goods as you want. The unit is capable of heating up your food from 100°F to 450°F so that you can choose the correct temperature for the food that you are cooking.

Can you use it in your home?

One really nice thing about this oven, is that it can be used in smaller homes and it doesn’t look out of place. The tempered glass door and adjustable time and temperatures allow you to adjust the unit to whatever you need it to be. There are dials on either side at the bottom of the oven, which are labeled; this literally makes this oven one of the easiest ovens to use, as you only have two dials to deal with. The high-speed fan is built so that you get even cooking every time and you won’t find an issue in the quality of your baking, even when you use all three of the racks inside of the unit. Even without prior cooking experience, this oven is fairly easy to use.

Since this is a commercial unit and it does command a higher price tag, you will be pleased to know that you can purchase an additional warranty at the checkout. You can choose between a 2- or a 3-year warranty as you please. The additional warranty on this unit is available for a pretty reasonable price and it lets you know that you are getting something that is built to last.

What’s included?

The Wisco-620 Commercial Convection Oven comes with three baking trays, and its own racks, which are also removable in case you want to cook something that is taller in height. The ability to be able to remove the racks in the unit also helps make cleaning this unit a breeze. If you really want to make sure that you do a good job when cleaning this unit, the door can be removed so that you can have a better access to the interior components to do a deep cleaning job.

Does it fit your needs?

Depending on the variety of baking that you do, you may want to consider the number of vents that a unit has as this will allow the unit to be able to cool down at a faster rate. If you are cooking multiple products at different temperatures, you may want a product that is capable of cooling down at a fast pace so that you can get to baking right away. This product doesn’t have as much cooling power as others, and if you want to cool this unit down at a fast rate, you may end up having to leave the door open to do so.

If you want something durable because you are pretty hard on your ovens, then this one should definitely be a contender. This oven isn’t nearly as flimsy as some of the other ones that you will find. The legs on the bottom of the unit are recessed from the very bottom corners so that the unit is more stable and better supported. Additionally, this unit is made of stainless steel and it will be able to take more of a beating than many of the other models available as a result.

One really nice thing is the wide handle on the top of the unit. The door on this unit opens like that of a traditional oven, so having a really wide handle can ease the process when you are taking things out of the oven or putting things in.

Any negatives?

The only downfalls of this unit is how much it weighs; it is quite a lot heavier than most of the other convection ovens on the market. If you are looking for an oven that is easy to move from place to place, this one is definitely not the oven for you. This is built to sit in one spot and never move. So if you are buying it for your home, just make sure that you know where you are going to be placing the unit and that there is enough room for it.


Overall, The Wisco-620 Commercial Convection Oven is a great commercial unit.

The various cooking functions, as well as the ability for this unit to hold three baking pans at once, is ideal for those who need to cook things fast and in large quantities. You won’t be disappointed in the quality and the build of this unit, with the stainless steel design.

This convection oven should last you for a long time, and as long as you can afford the higher price tag, it should be a unit that you should consider.


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