Best summer Convection Oven recipes for 2019

Convection ovens have in recent times become an increasingly common addition to many kitchens. More energy efficient and cost effective than their full-sized counterparts, they are particularly well suited to summertime cooking when the heat of a regular oven could become stifling.

Often known as “toaster ovens,” newer models, in particular, can in fact do much more than that and have the power to cook a complex 3-course meal with relative ease. This is a compilation of some of the best summer recipes online which can be cooked solely in a convection oven.

My Recipes offers a delicious selection of convection oven recipes suited to summer. This comprehensive selection features such delicacies as Filo Wrapped Brie which would pair brilliantly with a well-dressed salad during summer months as well as an exotic Roasted Fish With Kabocha Coulis, which would make a fresh and flavorful convection oven- cooked meal during the warmer months. Sweet Hot Spiced Pecans would also pair brilliantly with your summertime drinks on the terrace.

The Purcell Murray Blog also provides some great recipes for satisfying summer eating convection style. Taste buds will be guaranteed to be tempted with their offerings of Roast Chicken and a zesty Lemon Pudding Cake so why not try these out for yourself and begin to utilize the full potential of your petite but powerful convection oven today?

Epicurious writes of the advantage of cooking in your convection in order to reduce kitchen heat during the sweltering summer months in this great piece. A little convection oven can cook a wide variety of tasty summer friendly meals without generating the extreme heat a regular oven on full heat could potentially do. They also correctly write of the enduring appeal of a golden roasted chicken, even in the warmer months, and a convection oven provides the ideal solution to achieve that.

The Just a Pinch Recipe Club also has a great selection of convection oven-friendly recipes suitable for the warmer summer season. Baked Lemon Chicken with Pepper is a fresh and tasty recipe you can make with a minimal raise in your kitchen’s temperature while Apple Almond Coffee Cake will appeal at any time of the year regardless of the temperature outside.

No one Ever Slaved Over a Hot Toaster Oven,” the New York Times states correctly in this informative article, which also contains a very tempting convection oven recipe for Cherry Tomato Confit Over Fresh Herbed Ricotta. The author also accompanied this with some simply cooked veal chops and proved that summer cooking does not have to be all about salads. Simply roasted peaches finished off this fantastic meal which was entirely cooked in a convection oven.

Pinterest is always a great source of inspiration for any cook keen to expand their culinary credentials, and this is certainly true when it comes to convection oven recipes for summer. This stunning selection features visually appealing and healthy summertime recipe options which will satisfy all the family, as well as an amazingly useful selection of tips for using and caring for your convection oven.

The Food Network is the home of stunning and nourishing recipes for all occasions and here you will find a wide array of delicious dishes that can be booked with ease in your convection oven. Tempt your family’s taste-buds with celebrity cook Ina Garten’s scrumptious Oven Fried Chicken paired perhaps with a fresh green salad and finish with nutritious and seasonal Oven Baked Fruit. This Australian site also features a comprehensive selection of summer and convection oven friendly feasts.

This site also offers a great selection of starters, entrees and desserts which can be cooked entirely in your convection or toaster oven with Tuna Noodle Casserole and Dijon Herb Chicken breasts just two of the tempting recipes available.

A toaster oven can be a very handy addition to your kitchen equipment and because of their low heat output, are particularly useful in summer when the temperature is on the rise. Compact and cute, they can be perched on your countertop and enable you to quickly and easily roast, grill and reheat food more comfortably and cost effectively than a conventional oven.

Any keen cook who prioritizes convenience should certainly consider investing in one of these dinky little kitchen helpers for their summertime cooking.

Got a favorite summertime recipe? Post it in the comments below!


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