Big Boss Countertop Convection Oven Review

When it comes to kitchen appliances, an oven is a must-have device in every household. Furthermore, when it comes to ovens, nothing beats a convection oven.

When it comes to convection ovens, the countertop is the preferred type for limited space. And finally, when it comes to countertop convection ovens, the Big Boss Countertop Convection Oven is a very strong contender.


  • Has triple cooking heat—convection, infrared and halogen
  • Multifunctional settings—baking, roasting, broiling, steaming, boiling and air frying
  • Parts are washable safe
  • Fries and cooks without need for additional oil
  • Digital and countertop oven
  • Color: black
  • 55-quart capacity glass bowl with extender ring
  • Item weight: 16.8 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 16” x 13.5” x 12.5”


One thing that sets the Big Boss Countertop Convection Oven apart from most other convection ovens available on the market is its usage of three sources of cooking heat.

Having a convection oven is good enough, but adding infrared and halogen heat into the mix places this particular oven in a class of its own. With three sources of cooking heat available, cooking is expected to be faster with an evenly cooked output. Less energy consumption is also a result, as well as lower temperature needs.

The versatile features of the convection oven is also something that should be taken note of and praised, for with one simple appliance a lot can be done. This convection oven is not only good for roasting, it is also good for baking, broiling steaming, boiling and, most of all, air frying.

Buying individual appliances that can perform each function would entail a large outlay of money, so having this convection oven spares you from spending more on additional appliances.

It is good to note that the convection oven is a countertop model, which means that it can be placed anywhere and does not require too much space. For those with small or limited spaces in the kitchen, having this type of convection oven will not pose a problem when it comes to sorting out its placement. It can be positioned on any strong foundation.

Also, the convection oven is digital, so inaccurate settings and adjustments can be made. The use and operation of the convection oven are made easy and convenient, especially for first timers.

Finally, it is important that kitchen appliances are easy to clean and maintain to help in giving the appliance a longer service life. When it comes to this convection oven, there is no problem. The parts oven are safe enough to be washed regularly.

As for the health conscious eaters out there, note that this convection allows you to cook healthier because it oven has the capacity to be an air fryer; this means that cooking or frying your food does not need any use of oil and that fat-rich food are stripped of most of the fat by the convection oven. This oven will not only satisfy the stomach but will also address the need to cook for a healthy lifestyle.


Like any other products, using the Big Boss Countertop Convection Oven has some downsides. Take, for example, this convection oven collects condensate and grease at the bottom of the appliance, which some may find not appealing.

Another issue concerns the numbers found on the timer which can easily be taken off by rubbing it few times. Having a convection oven without any indicators is not only frustrating but also an inconvenience.

Further, the convection oven is too bulky, and it provides too much bright light when cooking. The safety lock switch is also a problem area because it easily breaks, making it a safety problem when there are curious kids in the house.


The Big Boss Countertop Convection Oven is a reliable and handy product that you can expect to deliver. With the reasonable and affordable price, you pay for such a convection oven, the appliance works surprisingly well for its type.

Despite some of its mentioned downsides, this is one product that can be recommended to others without leading to disappointment and frustration. Definitely worth the price and more!

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