Cooking 101: The Convection Oven and Its Types

An oven plays a big role when it comes to cooking, whether it is for baking, stove-top cooking, broiling steaks, or roasting a turkey or chicken, the oven can do it all.

Ovens usually have a prized place and are a must-have appliance in every kitchen. The reason for this is the oven’s multiple functions and versatile operations.

Furthermore, when it comes to ovens, the preferred type is the convection oven—this is not a surprise because using a convection oven has several benefits which a conventional oven does not normally offer. Because of the edge the convection oven has over a regular range, it usually costs more than a regular oven.

Convection oven and its benefits

Unlike conventional ovens, a convection oven is an oven that has a built-in fan and exhaust system. Because of the fan and exhaust, the heat is circulated to and fro within the convection oven’s interior.

The unique system of the convection oven makes is a preferred appliance in the kitchen. Convection ovens give better results, the greatest of these are faster cooking times, evenly cooked food, a browner food appearance, and less energy used when cooking.

Although a convection oven is more expensive than the conventional ovens, it is still a good appliance for the simple fact that using it provides many benefits. It is also the perfect kind of oven when the goal is to cook a large volume of food.

Types of convection ovens

There are several types of convection ovens, but the most common types are divided into 2 categories. The first type is differentiated by the placement of the fan and additional heating element; this is the regular and the true convection oven.

The second type is classified by its placement or position in the kitchen; the major types are the countertop convection ovens and the floor models.

Classified by fan placement

Regular convection oven

A regular convection oven is a regular oven that has an additional fan found at the back of the oven to help in the circulation of the air within the oven’s interior.

In this type of convection oven, the fan blows both hot and cold air to and fro within the oven. As a result of the variance in the air being blown, the food may not be as evenly cooked as expected.

True convection oven

A true convection oven, on the other hand, is an oven which has a fan as well as a third heating element that is found at the back of the oven. The true convection oven is often referred to as the European convection oven.

Unlike the regular convection oven that circulates pre-heated air, the true convection oven distributes heated air by its fan. Therefore, the result is evenly cooked food.

Classified by convection oven placement

Countertop convection oven

Countertop convection ovens can be placed on counters, tables or any open space. Countertop convection ovens often come portable, smaller, and lighter, and are perfect for small areas or spaces.

When it comes to food, this type can only accommodate small and limited amount. One edge of this type of convection oven is its easy installation and removal.

Floor model convection oven

A floor model convection oven is significantly bigger and can accommodate cooking more food at one time than a countertop convection oven. It comes in half and full size, depending on the space available.

A floor model convection oven is the preferred type for restaurants and other food establishments for it allows simultaneous cooking of large volumes of food at a faster pace.


There are several types of convection ovens but the particular type that is perfect for a kitchen depends on your individual needs, taking into consideration the purpose of the appliance, the volume of food to be cooked, and the area where the convection oven is to be placed.

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