The best Kitchen Equipment blogs for 2017

If our homes are our castles, then our kitchens are surely their very heart and there are numerous amazing kitchen equipment blogs online today that will delight and inspire any proud homeowner.

A Best Kitchen

A Best Kitchen is a quality site which specializes in selling commercial kitchen equipment, but which also sells much which is of use and interest to homeowners. This bright and modern site also posts regular blog posts which highlight their equipment as well as offer delicious recipes and much more. Many of its high-end and commercial-grade products can also be used effectively by home cooks.


Nerd Fitness

Nerd fitness offers this comprehensive list of essential kitchen equipment which no cook one should be without. This great breakdown of essentials for budding and experienced chefs in the kitchen is proof that getting the basics right is the absolute predictor of future success. Get the knives and the pans right with the help of this comprehensive selection and mouth-watering meals will be firmly within your grasp.


Must-read posts about kitchen equipment

The Kitchen Times

The Kitchen Times offers this interesting blog post on popular food bloggers and their respective favorites when it comes to kitchen equipment. Kate of Cookie and Kate fame made the interesting choice of her vegetable peelers which she says enable her to create wafer-thin vegetable ribbons with ease and at a much lower price point than more expensive alternatives.

Popular food writer Melissa Clark, on the other hand, made a slightly retro choice of her salad spinner, proving that contrary to popular belief, these handy little kitchen appliances did not go out with the 80s. Stephanie, from popular blog Girl Versus Dough, on the other hand, had a more conventional choice in her Kitchen Aid mixer. Beloved by many cooks around the world, this is a quality piece of kitchen equipment that doesn’t seem set to lose any of its appeal for the foreseeable future.

Small Aubergine

Small Aubergine gives us another great breakdown of their specific kitchen equipment must haves here. For Saira, it is all about her treasured stand mixer and mini chopper. Perhaps a little unusually, a mandolin slicer also makes its way onto her list. She uses hers to create consistent vegetable slices quickly and easily—just watch those fingers! Like many other home cooks, she places her bread maker at the top of her list of most useless kitchen equipment preferring to use her conventional oven instead.

La Belle Assiette

La Belle Assiette once again emphasizes the importance of investing in quality knives in this informative blog on essential kitchen equipment. She also emphasizes the desirability of a good set of durable pans and sings the praises of slow cookers as a versatile piece of cooking equipment no kitchen should be without.

The Hungry Traveler Blog

The Hungry Traveler Blog also lists essential kitchen equipment in this nicely written post. Quality is once again key with the advice here to buy the heaviest cookware you can afford (or lift!) and also to take time sourcing useful pots and pans which are not necessarily from the same collection but which, more importantly, work well to suit your specific needs.

Deliciously Ella

Popular clean eating British blogger Deliciously Ella also gives us her own unique breakdown in this informative post citing a food processor, blender and juicer as her holy trinity of equipment to help you whip up her healthy pestos, sauces and other treats with absolute ease. She also recommends investing in a spiralizer to help you create more wholesome alternatives to pasta from carrots and other vegetables.

Colin Walls

While not from this year, this great blog post by Colin Walls also encourages us all to get right back to basics when it comes to kitchen equipment. Knives, once again, feature as a staple we should not skimp on. Colin in particular sings the praise of ceramic knives as a stylish alternative to standard stainless steel. He also recommends enameled cast-iron pans and a good corkscrew, because it’s important to open that bottle of wine you’ve been correctly chilling, right?


When it comes to kitchen equipment blogs, it seems everyone has their own opinion.

It is important to remember that your best kitchen equipment list is what works best for you and your family, and not what a celebrity chef or blogger tells you they think you should buy! Your kitchen is the heart of your home so invest in what you deem to be essential.


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