Warming Up to the Convection Oven and its Health Benefits

In almost all households, the oven is a must-have appliance found in the kitchen. One reason for this is the versatile function of the oven and the multiple benefits you get from using such an appliance. When it comes to ovens, one particular type of oven has become more popular and preferred over the other types for its edge and many advantages.

The convection oven has made a name for itself and is in the lead when it comes to performance and user satisfaction. In addition to those reasons, convection ovens cook healthier, and as a result, these benefit those eating the cooked food.

Major benefits of using a convection oven

Faster cooking

Because the convection oven uses a fan and exhaust system, the heat or hot air is circulated or distributed around, into and on the food.

The insulating layer found on the surface of the food, which is usually created by a combination of moisture and cold air coming from the food and the hot air within the oven, makes it difficult for the heat to penetrate the food as it is removed by the constant circulation of the air within the convection oven. Therefore, heat is easily absorbed and the food is cooked 25% faster.

Results to evenly cooked food

Heat is evenly distributed or circulated within the convection oven due to the fan and exhaust system of the appliance. Because heat is evenly distributed, hot and cold spots brought about by uneven temperatures are avoided.

Instances where the outer surface of the food is well-cooked while the interior is left uncooked can also be prevented.

Uses less energy

A convection oven uses less energy because of 2 major reasons. First, a convection oven uses a lower temperature to cook the food compared to a regular oven, usually 25°F lower. A lower temperature setup uses less energy compared to higher temperature cooking.

Second, the convection oven cooks food faster;  therefore, the cooking time is shorter than usual. Between the lower temperature and the short cutting time, the convection oven can be considered as an energy-saving appliance.

Browner appearance and more crisp food

Since the moisture or humidity has a way to escape from the convection oven, the interior atmosphere is kept dry. As a result, the sugar caramelizes faster and gives a browner appearance.

Also, when the moisture is taken out of the convection oven, the resulting food is crisper without the inside moisture of the food being compromised.

Health benefits of using a convection oven: Are convection ovens healthy?

One of the usual questions from health-conscious eaters about the convection oven is, “Are convection ovens healthy?” The answer to this question is, yes; there are health benefits to cooking food using a convection oven.

For one, the nutrients contained in the food are preserved because the convection oven cooks food faster. Second, the natural taste of the food remains unaltered because of the lower temperature that is needed, and the cooking time shorter.

Third, there is no need to use a large quantity of oil in cooking. Also, in other types of cooking, the vitamins and other nutrients are easily destroyed. This is not a problem when it comes to the convection oven.


When you are aiming for a healthy lifestyle, using a convection oven is a good choice. Instead of relying mainly on frying, the convection oven can be used for broiling, roasting, as well as baking healthy meals.

The convection oven also prevents dehydration in food; hence, the moisture inside food is retained despite being subjected to circulating heat. The resulting even cooking is also a healthy advantage because you can be assured that the food is evenly cooked and no portions of the food are left raw or undercooked.

The easy cleaning of the convection oven, with its detachable racks, fewer parts, and huge space, also helps to make sure that the convection oven is clean and that the food being placed inside is not contaminated with bacteria or unwanted organisms that come with an unclean cooking space.

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